Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

12 Steps to Solvency

1st Intergroup Workshop: Spending Plan

  DA INTERGROUP 1ST WORKSHOP SPENDING PLAN Are you interested in learning what a spending plan is or how it works?  Are you interested in finding a different approach to your spending plan? If the answer is yes, you are in luck! DA InterGroup is hosting a workshop on Spending Plans When:  Sunday, March 19th,… (read more)

Intergroup Summertime Picnic

UPDATE: Location Change! July 17th, 2016,  Sunday  11:30 a.m. Westwood Park, 4951 W. Kentucky Ave, Denver, Co.  80219 Please come join us at our annual picnic. D. A. Members, family, children, and pets are welcome. InterGroup is providing the park spot, sandwich meats, bread, plasticware, plastic plates, cups, napkins and condiments. Please bring side dishes, desserts… (read more)

PRG Workgroup

We’ll be hosting a Pressure Relief Group (PRG) Round-Robin workgroup on June 5th at Porter Hospital.   What & Who: A Round Robin “PRG”: Experienced members of DA and newcomers alike are welcome, the goal is to have a Pressure Relief Meeting for anyone who is in need of oneso even if you do not… (read more)

Upcoming Telephone Workshops

The Tuesday DA & Health Issues telephone meeting is delighted to announce a series of three telephone workshops in which speakers will share their experience, strength, and hope on the following DA topics:             April 9:    “Life on Life’s Terms”             May 7:      “Self Care: It’s Not Just a Bubble Bath”             May 21:    “Living… (read more)

Spiritual Problem-Solving

    Debtors Anonymous General Service Office P.O. Box 920888 Needham, Massachusetts, USA  02492-0009   Toll Free:  800-421-2383 (US only) Phone: 781-453-2743 FAX:  781-453-2745 Spiritual Problem-Solving: 40 Years on the D.A. Trail Hosted by the Resource Development Committee (RDC) with participation of the GSB Finance Committee.    Date: Sunday, March 6, 2016 11:30-1:00 PM PST /… (read more)

Sponsor/Sponsoree Workshop

When: February 21 in the Eagle Room of Porter’s Hospital. What: The benefits of being a sponsor and a sponsee. How it strengthens our program and our recovery. Details: Potluck (optional) starts at 10:45AM Speakers starting at 11:00AM, presenting for 1 hour (15 min. to eat … or eat while you talk) 30 Min. Q&Aworkshop will… (read more)

Step Study

There will be an upcoming meeting where we will study the steps used in Debtors Anonymous to come to terms with our disease, work out a recovery plan, and attain solvency. Please come out and join us on November 6th from 10:45 to 1pm. Pot luck!

Skiing on the Cheap

Prices for enjoying the Colorado sport/pastime of skiing is become more and more outrageous! One of the quickest way to “go broke” is to take your family skiing! With lift prices cresting $100 per person per day, equipment rentals around $30-$50 per person, and the cost for food making you think you are eating at… (read more)

DA Health Issues Survey

The Survey Is Closed. Thank you to all those who participated. Debtors Anonymous has create a survey as a result of the motion to write a health care pamphlet that passed by substantial unanimity at Detroit’s 2011 DA WSC. The Literature Committee needs the input of DA members everywhere in order to craft the most… (read more)