Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

12 Steps to Solvency

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Step Study

There will be an upcoming meeting where we will study the steps used in Debtors Anonymous to come to terms with our disease, work out a recovery plan, and attain solvency. Please come out and join us on November 6th from 10:45 to 1pm. Pot luck!

Skiing on the Cheap

Prices for enjoying the Colorado sport/pastime of skiing is become more and more outrageous! One of the quickest way to “go broke” is to take your family skiing! With lift prices cresting $100 per person per day, equipment rentals around $30-$50 per person, and the cost for food making you think you are eating at… (read more)

DA Health Issues Survey

The Survey Is Closed. Thank you to all those who participated. Debtors Anonymous has create a survey as a result of the motion to write a health care pamphlet that passed by substantial unanimity at Detroit’s 2011 DA WSC. The Literature Committee needs the input of DA members everywhere in order to craft the most… (read more)

12 Steps to Insanity

A member found this floating around and thought it worth passing on. Remember just because we have the disease of compulsive debting doesn’t mean we don’t have, and need, a sense of humor. Enjoy! (P.S. In case there’s any doubt this is NOT official DA literature!)