Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

12 Steps to Solvency

Sponsor/Sponsoree Workshop

When: February 21 in the Eagle Room of Porter’s Hospital.

What: The benefits of being a sponsor and a sponsee. How it strengthens our program
and our recovery.

  • Potluck (optional) starts at 10:45AM
  • Speakers starting at 11:00AM, presenting for 1 hour (15 min. to eat … or eat while you talk)
  • 30 Min. Q&Aworkshop will end at 12:30PM


Other Information:

Callin number for the Free Conference line for the speakers and anyone else who wants to attend virtually:
Call in #: 605‐475‐6700, Access code: 732‐0956

Please call in at 10:50am so we can organize the call-in line.

* rsvp to Karen at*

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