Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

12 Steps to Solvency

PRG Workgroup

We’ll be hosting a Pressure Relief Group (PRG) Round-Robin workgroup on June 5th at Porter Hospital.


What & Who: A Round Robin “PRG”: Experienced members of DA and newcomers alike are

welcome, the goal is to have a Pressure Relief Meeting for anyone who is in need of oneso

even if you do not need one, please attend if you are able to participate and be of service to


HOW: The group takes turns (I.e., in a “Round Robin” format) providing and receiving the PRG.

If you are able, please come prepared with: a goal in mind for what you’d like to accomplish,

and three months or more of spending records.

However, if you do not have these, please do not be discouraged from attending!

Everyone is welcome and a PRG can even be used to:

*Help you open your bills

*Simply talk about your numbers (i.e., spending records)

*general goals or stress around anything related to your numbers.

*just observe how a PRG works (even if you are not ready to participate)

A Pressure Relief Group/Meeting Definition as described in the DA Tools:

…After we have gained some familiarity with the D.A. program, we organize Pressure Relief

Groups consisting of ourselves and two other recovering debtors who have not incurred

unsecured debt for at least 90 days and who usually have more experience in the program.

The group meets in a series of Pressure Relief Meetings to review our financial situation.

These meetings typically result in the formulation of a spending plan and an action plan.

Please see the link below and available pamphlets for more information on Spending and

Action Plans:

*Optional PotLuck: please bring a dish to share if you choose and are able

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