Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

Debtors Anonymous in Colorado

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Debtors Anonymous Colorado Meeting & Events Schedule

DA Meetings Are Open to All Who Wish to Quit Debting Compulsively

DA Meetings Are Open to All Who Wish to Quit Debting Compulsively

Debtors Anonymous (DA) in Colorado offers several meetings during the week for those seeking relief from compulsive debting and underearning.

Intergroup for Colorado Debtors Anonymous

Intergroup is a group of dedicated volunteers that represent Debtors Anonymous (DA) throughout Colorado.  We meet the last Sunday of the month at Porter Hospital in Denver.  Please refer to the DA Calendar  for meeting information.

Business Debtors Anonymous

In addition to regular DA meetings we also offer Business Debtors Anonymous meetings for members of the DA fellowship who are either self-employed or own their own business.

Meetings and Formats

The DA World Service website offers access to meetings anywhere in the world as well as online and telephone meetings providing recovery from debting 24/7. Please use their meeting lookup tool to find a meeting whenever, wherever and however you need it!

Local DA/BDA Events

From time to time we may host special events that won’t be listed on the meeting schedules. Please check here for announcements of those events. If you plan on hosting an event, please let us know and we’ll publicize it here. Email the details to debtorsanonymouscolorado @ debtorsanonymouscolorado dot org.